MUD'15 Festival

Músiques disperses

Identity, Advertising, Web

Year after year, Dispersed Music (MUD) is a genuine festival that prevents the categorizing of styles and bets on experimentation with its programming. Passed on by this melomaniac spirit, we give emotion and passion to its design and marketing communication.


Advertising Campaign
Nothing compares to
what you live through music

In order to promote this year’s festival, we have conceived a fiction about the idea of waiting. The main character of the applications does not accept her daily routine and hopes to open her eyes only to what gives sense to her life: music.




Nothing has been the same since the day we decided to trust SopaGraphics to design all the marketing graphs of the MUD Festival. I feel encouraged by the enthusiasm they put in their work. How they got the idea of the project and how they have gone further to understand the festival’s philosophy with originality and effort is lovely. If we think about how difficult it is to find an absolute compromise in talented people, it is evident that they give their best.

Our image radically changed with their work. They have helped us to show what we are through the visual communication. I can affirm that their design reflects the MUD festival better than what I could say only in words. In fact, rather than becoming predictive, they surprise me again every year. Nothing has been the same. If I don’t work with them, I think I would give it up.

Antoni Gorgues
MUD Festival director


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